Apr 7 • 1HR 17M

Love & Astrology, Aries Edition

The Holiness of Selfishness, the Right-ness of Anger, and How Aries is Asking YOU To Express and Experience With More Guts & Glory!

Julie Elizabeth Day
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Hello Loves, and welcome to our new show, Love & Astrology!

In this inaugural episode, Marco and I take you on a deep dive of the energy of Aries. All to help you surf these waves with more skill, and to help you either explain how you love the way you love (If you have Aries in your chart), or to better love your Aries mate, bestie, or Mom!

**This is our very first episode and it is a MASTERCLASS on Ego energy (letting yourself BE YOU and DO YOU). I think for our next show we’ll dial down the in-depth Spiritual Teachings (I dunno, did you enjoy all this?? Was it too much? Would you like more relational info?). Anyhoo… do take advantage of this full buffet meal!

In this Aries Episode, we cover (a lot 😆🔥):

  1. What is the medicine of Aries? How can we use this energy (which we’re all in til April 19th) to up-level our own lives?

  2. OK, so Aries rules the ego. What is the ego? How can we know when we’re out of balance with ego? Is the ego ever healthy?

  3. The Holiness of Selfishness. When is it ok to be selfish? How is this actually an act of LOVE?

  4. The Right-ness of Anger. Why do we all shame anger so much? How can we use this hot and holy teacher to transform our relationships?

  5. And finally, how does an Aries Sun, Moon, or Venus do Love? What are the deep needs of an Aries partner or loved one? How can we love them better, and how can we recognize when they are loving us?

Like I mentioned above, it’s our first episode… after you listen, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Please feel free to tell us what you’d like more of, or what was most supportive to you in this show. You can comment below, or email me here: julieelizabethda@gmail.com

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