Mar 21 • 22M

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Aries, "I Say YES To More ME!"

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Julie Elizabeth Day
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Hello Dear Friends! 

We have one of TWO Aries New Moons happening today, 3/21 @ 1:22 pm EST/10:22 am PST. This whole week is saturated with new beginnings (Pluto hits zero degrees Aquarius in two days!), and some may come with a dose of agitation. Let the fire of Aries season crack you open and unleash more YOU into the world.

In this Prayer Trip, I take you on a journey of YES. Yes to YOU, Yes to MORE~ more authenticity, more showing up, more giving of your gifts and talents, more embracing of your unique recipe of the divine.

Aries always has us do bigger, be braver, and show up with more of a “screw it” attitude! So throw aside any false beliefs holding you back (or don’t! Just say screw it!), and let yourself initiate something new in your world this week.

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