Feb 19 • 26M

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Pisces, "I Remember Who I Am!"

Mystical, Magical, Infinite 🌟

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Julie Elizabeth Day
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Hello Dear Friends! 

Welcome to this MYSTICAL New Moon in Pisces! Dreamy, creative, mystical, and SOULFUL! With a side dish of gettin’ down to business! Put those two together and this New Moon has us getting serious about remembering who we are!

New Moon in Pisces happening 2/20 @ 2:05 am ET (or 2/19 @ 11:53 pm PST). Pisces rules the the mystical realms of dreamy, oneness consciousness. The symbol for Pisces is two fishies swimming in opposite directions. I see this as the human-ness AND the consciousness of our existence. We are CONSCIOUSNESS having a HUMAN experience. How often we forget! Let’s plug into that as deeply as we can for this New Moon.

In this Prayer Trip I offer up a deep soul remembering of who (and whose) you really are, and I invite you to turn within for all that you are currently facing (or creating). All the wisdom, love, abundance that you are seeking…. God is right where you are, knowing the highest pathway for you!

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