Jul 27, 2022 • 18M

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Leo

Letting Our Inner Child Have Its Say

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Julie Elizabeth Day
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A wild and expansive New Moon in Leo, July 28th @ 1:54pm ET! At the same time, Uranus conjuncting the North Node (with Mars soon to follow) is in an exact square to Mercury… we are guaranteed CHANGE is afoot, and that change is directly related to our mindset.

Leo rules our HEART, how we let ourselves love ourSELF and how we let that love shine outwards. Are you willing to love yourself so much that you let yourself truly BE YOU? Are you willing to follow your Inner Child’s DEEEELIGHT?

However, this isn’t just about love and playfulness, it’s also about shifting your mindset in some way, shape, or form to ALLOW more love, creativity, and playfulness room in your everyday life.

In this Prayer Trip, I take you straight to the HEART of your Inner Child. You may weep with remembering of how gorgeous and precious and lovable you truly are… and your mindset will follow suit!

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