Jun 28 • 25M

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Cancer

A Cry For Compassion

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A very soulful and healing New Moon in Cancer, June 28th @ 10:52 pm ET! And it might also have some bite to it!

Cancer rules our feelings, how we nurture ourselves and others. It’s the Divine Mother, here to hold space for all to be loved. It’s at a beautiful and spiritual 7 degrees, as are several other aspects in this transit. This adds a depth and a soulfulness to our New Moon intentions…. what is ready for your deepest compassion? What is calling forth your empathy? However, add to the mix, this New Moon is conjuncting Black Moon Lilith, feminine rage. FEELS are gonna be UP.

In this Prayer Trip, we explore “where am I being asked to bring my compassion? What must I FEEL in order to HEAL?” I can’t ignore the timing of this with what’s happening in the American landscape. So many women moving through rage and feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness. The time is ripe to let ourselves FEEL, be heard, and give our compassion IN ACTION to all those who will struggle most through this experience (which might be YOU!). And, this applies to any area of your life where you might be called to let yourself FEEL in order to HEAL.

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