Jan 20 • 30M

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Aquarius, "I commit to being my authentic self!"

And f8ck what anyone else has to say! 😂👍

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Julie Elizabeth Day
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Hello Dear Friends! (Yes, I’m back! I missed you all!)

Welcome to the first New Moon of 2023! And WOW 🥰 is it a beautiful one!

New Moon in Aquarius happening 1/21 @ 3:53 pm ET/ 12:53 pm PST. Aquarius rules the collective, the brotherhood/sisterhood of our planet. And yet, it’s also about recognizing (and expressing) the uniqueness that is in all of us. How beautiful is that? As I embrace more of who I truly am, I give ALL permission to do the same… and what’s more fascinating than a planet FULL of unique beings being totally and radically AUTHENTIC?

Why is that so challenging to do? Why do we seek to be like everyone else? Why is it so hard to break through the collective box of rules and limitations and break FREE into our most divinely designed authentic selves? Well, hopefully, this Prayer Trip will help you to do just that!

I give all the scoop in this extra long Prayer Trip: a little bite on the Astro year ahead, all the aspects that are relevant to this New Moon, and then we launch into a deep and inspiring Prayer Trip where you are encouraged to FULLY embrace who you are and COMMIT to being that with all your heart.

**I just LOVE that THIS is the energy of the first New Moon of the year. May it ripple out and surprise us with year-long blessings as we journey forward.

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