Jun 11, 2022 • 23M

Prayer Trip: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Releasing lack and limitation like it's our business!

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Howling at the incoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14th @ 7:51 am ET! 🌝

Sagittarius rules our beliefs. Our beliefs create our experience. This Full Moon will bring a full dose of emotional energy to an area of our lives where we get to believe MORE for ourselves (and thus experience more!). Positive aspects to Saturn mean… the more we commit to this MORE-ness, the better our results.

In this Prayer Trip, we explore “where am I stuck in lack and limitation? What can I believe that is more free?” We live, move and have our being-ness in the INIFNITE expression of Life. Aka, lack is a total illusion. It just ain’t so! We get to break free from any thought/belief of lack and step into something infinitely MORE- more joyful, more loving, more abundant.

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