Prayer Trip: New Moon in Aries, "I Say YES To More ME!"Listen now (22 min) | Hello Dear Friends! We have one of TWO Aries New Moons happening today, 3/21 @ 1:22 pm EST/10:22 am PST. This whole week is…

February 2023

Quickee Prayer : May I Have The Courage To Follow My Highest PathListen now (9 min) | Friends! The Highest Path is not always sprinkled with cupcakes and dollar bills 😆 The Highest Path will often ask you to…
Prayer Trip: New Moon in Pisces, "I Remember Who I Am!"Listen now (26 min) | Mystical, Magical, Infinite 🌟
Quickee Prayer: Asking for help, asking for a miracle!Listen now (6 min) | Hello Friends! My heart was moved to offer up this Quickee Prayer for you as we head into this Leo Full Moon. Remember: no matter…

January 2023

Prayer Trip: New Moon in Aquarius, "I commit to being my authentic self!"Listen now (30 min) | And f8ck what anyone else has to say! 😂👍

November 2022

New Moon UpdateListen now (7 min) | Hello Dear Friends! I recorded a very brief update for you all, to say hi and check in. Eclipse season KNOCKED ME OUT, YA’LL! 🤪 My…
Hello Dear Ones… I’m writing to you from my personal, ongoing ayahuasca journey. No. No I’m not taking ayahuasca for days on end. This eclipse season…

October 2022

Prayer Trip: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, "I'm ready for my change!"Listen now (28 min) | Hello Dear Friends! Welcome to Eclipse Season! Eclipses imprint us for the next 6 months of our Earthly journey. They are powerful…
Quickee Prayer: I Am Lovable, No Matter What!Listen now (8 min) | You are lovable no matter what. You are lovable in your neediness, your bigness, your messiness, your too-much-ness. You are…
Quickee Prayer: The Dance of the "Me" in the "We"Listen now (15 min) | Do you have the courage to stand alone?

September 2022

*Stay with it
Quickee Prayer: You Are Safe to Stay in Your LearningListen now (6 min) | If you are moving through a tough time, whether physical, financial, romantic, or otherwise… this Quickee Prayer will help you…