What’s this all about?

I started this with a broad focus on finding the mystical in everyday life. However, the truth is that all I want to talk about these days is Sacred Partnerships 😆👊

I define Sacred Partnerships as those willing to use their togetherness as a vehicle for growth & transformation. It’s the high art of LOVE as a Spiritual practice.

So much of social media is giving you the glossy “after” photo, or the cliff notes; however, Sacred Partnerships are portals for hugely transformational work toward greater love and wholeness… this means, the SHIFT will be hitting the fan!

The alchemy of a sacred partnership will bring all that which is hidden to the surface. All the ways you’ve been stuck ion fear, not-enoughness, or your go-to survival strategies of hiding out or people pleasing… yeah, ALL that continues to come to the surface and into the light.

What makes it a SACRED partnership, is your mutual willingness to meet these parts of yourselves with a fierce kind of love & listening that allows for it's transmutation into something greater, truer, and more authentic. 

Here you will find my writings on love & Sacred Partnerships, as well as my monthly New Moon Prayer Trips, and the monthly Love & Astrology series where I’ll be joined by my wizardly partner, Marco! ❤️

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